Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is the combination of allopathic medicine or Western medicine with traditional natural healing methods from around the world.

Therefore integrative medicine does not oppose allopathic and chemical medicine which in most cases will establish diagnoses and give a chemical drug that will alleviate the pain. Integrative medicine looks at supplying additional key elements to the healing process and gain health. Natural medicine (alos called naturopathy) searches the cause of the cause of the cause that brought imbalance in your body and therefore illlnesses.

When a disease occurs, it is a subconscious expression of the body, an indicator that something needs to be changed in our life (style) and attitude. We are a physical body, mind and spirit, therefore our physical food, our thoughts and our behaviour influences our health.

In natural medicine, we focus our attention on bringing the right food for the body and the mind of the person to help him/her to maintain good health or find the way to find it back when the person lost it. Different complementary techniques can be used : naturopathy which includes nutrition, micro-nutrition, fasting & detox, raw food diets, phytotherapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine,psychotherapy, breathing and meditation, massages. Visualisation exercises, coaching, physical, artistic or manual activities can also be suggested.

All these techniques promote physical, emotional and spiritual harmony.  And above all, the strongest healing technique in integrative medicine invites you to use the power and energy of Love: The love for yourself first, and the love for others and the nature around you which makes you feel at peace and stir the self healing power of your body.